Abs Diet Recipes – Good Food For Your Abs

Abs Diet Recipes – Good Food For Your Abs

If you're on an a diet trying to get your six pack abs to pop out, you'll know how tough it is to keep yourself entertained with interesting and exciting food, since there are not that many dedicated abs diet recipes available. Do not worry though, there is light at the end of the tunnel – just think about how great your flat abs will look if you do stick to your abs diet!

The secret to eating properly so you can maintain or develop six pack abs or a toned stomach, is to eat low fat (5 grams or less per meal), high energy foods. A diet consisting of these types of recipes will keep your body happy, and your abs trim. The hard part is keeping your tastebuds cheerful, because usually it's the foods that are bad for us (and our abs) which taste the best!

Eating a low fat diet should not mean you have to compromise on flavour or texture. So, in the spirit of good abs food, here's some abs diet recipes for low fat, high energy meals which will keep you loaded up with that feel-good factor, without loading up unnecessary calories and fat.

Here's a few ideas for starters or light snacks in case the urge grabs you:

* Curried lentil and lime soup

* Chicken and pastina broth

* Rice noodle salad with lemon tofu

* Prawn and ginger cakes with crunchy salad

Here's a few ideas for main meals:

* Crusty meatball pasta

* Peppered steak with mushroom Yorkshires

* Lamb and bulgar burgers

* Basil gnocchi with simple tomato sauce and wild rocket

* Greek-style roast cod

And .. dare I mention them: puddings!

* Roasted banana cheesecake

* Spanish orange creme caramel

* Rhubarb and orange-flower fool

* Chocolate meringues with cherry ripple

* Lime and passion fruit souffle

* Honey, almond and raspberry yoghurt ice cream

You can usually find these ab diet recipes in cookbooks (either at home or in your local library or bookshop), or I bet you could also find them online by just doing a search for the name. Remember, even though you're on a diet, you do not have to stick to boring recipes. There's loads of ways you can enjoy food and keep your abs flat. Use these as an example, and get creative with what you've got lying around at home.

Here's one last tip. If you crave something sweet: go for the fruit basket. Either have one or two pieces like mango, peaches and nectarines, or grab a handful of your favourites and blend them into a smoothie with some low fat milk and ice. That's a killer ab diet recipe!

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