Add ONE Food to Your Diet to Start Losing Weight Today

Add ONE Food to Your Diet to Start Losing Weight Today

The ONE food item you need to add to your diet, starting today, to lose weight is a SMOOTHIE. This is the one food item that can drastically improve the quality of your diet immediately. Even if you love to eat junk food, the daily smoothie added to your diet will help balance your less healthy choices.

Making smoothies is easy. You really can’t mess up your smoothie when you use fruit and vegetables you enjoy.  Yes, vegetables!  Adding vegetables, such as fresh spinach to your smoothie will help you easily reach your 8-10 servings of fruit & vegetables per day.

If you feel you need to follow a recipe to get started, you can find a stack of them free at our website. Feel free to add your own favorite fruit or vegetable choice or delete any ingredients you may not like or have available. The more you make smoothies, the tastier they become.

Most of my weight loss clients like to make their smoothie for breakfast. This will give you an energy boost in the morning and will stop sugar cravings you may experience mid-morning. Making your smoothie should only take 2 minutes or less.

When you get your intake of fruit & vegetables up to 8-10 (1/2 cup servings) per day, you will find that your intense sugar cravings go away and you will feel more satisfied with less food. Your body will stop asking for more calories, because it is finally being nourished.  When you feel hungry all day long, it is usually because your body is still requesting more nutritional value from the foods you are eating.

Adding one smoothie per day to your diet is the easiest way to start losing weight immediately. An added bonus is that you will experience an increase in your energy level and even your skin will brighten. Do it today!

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