Anti Aging Skin Treatment You Can Do Yourself – Slow Aging Skin and Reduce Wrinkles

Anti Aging Skin Treatment You Can Do Yourself – Slow Aging Skin and Reduce Wrinkles

For people interested in reducing eye wrinkles, fine lines, and skin rejuvenation, the following story will be of great interest.


On September 20, 2005, a youthful looking Chinese woman was visiting Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada, when she decided she would like to see the inside of a casino. The woman, Tian Yong, had never seen a casino before as they are not permitted in China. As she attempted to walk through the front entrance-way, she was stopped by a security officer and asked to show proof of age. There is nothing unusual about this as it is the job of the security officers to ensure that no one under the age of 19 enters the casino in violation of Ontario law.


Upon checking Tian Yong’s identification, in this case her passport, the security officer was shocked to see that Tian Yong would be 50 years of age on her next birthday. This event was witnessed by a former Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer, Guy Fader, and his wife, Mary Lou, of Windsor, Ontario. You can rest assured that this story has been related to friends, family and acquaintances of the Faders ever since they witnessed this amazing occurrence. This was not a surprise to Tian Yong’s Canadian husband, however, as this type of thing happened all the time.


Unbeknownst to the people witnessing the age check by the security officer is that Tian Yong is a Grand Master of the ancient Chinese art of rejuvenation. This art is little known, even in most parts of China, and Tian Yong herself is a living testament to the validity of her knowledge of the art. Tian Yong was born and raised in the Chongqing area of southwestern China, the only area where the rejuvenation arts have been developed to seemingly unbelievable levels.


Despite her youthful appearance, Tian Yong stresses that looking young is not and should not be the goal of her ancient Chinese rejuvenation art, it is merely a byproduct. A person’s goal should be to rejuvenate their entire body so that they improve their health, reduce or rejuvenate their biological age markers and extend quality of life. She further says that living a long life, to a hundred years of age for example, is only desirable if you experience a happy and vital quality of life. Sitting in a nursing home withering away is not longevity, it is merely life extension, usually through unnatural medical intervention.


Nevertheless, the method by which Tian Yong prevents wrinkles, fine lines, and aging skin is of great interest to people in the western industrialized world. It requires no crèmes, lotions or injections, it costs nothing and it can be done almost anywhere at anytime.  The method or technique by which Tian Yong prevents, reduces and eliminates fine lines and wrinkles is literally translated from the Chinese language as “acu-point massage”.


There are ten major spots, called acu-points, on the face which are instrumental in reducing and preventing wrinkles and fine lines. If you haven’t abused yourself with an unhealthy lifestyle and excessive sun exposure, acu-point massage can even eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. One such point is called “Tong Zi Liao”, which is located at the outer edge of each eye. Acu-point massage on these points will reduce swelling and circles around the eyes. A side-benefit is that the massage on this acu-point can be applied to relieve a headache. The massage is applied by pressing the acu-point with the pad of the pointer finger, firmly but not too hard, and then very slowly circling the finger about ten times (the direction doesn’t matter). By doing this, the Chinese believe the “qi” is stimulated and unblocked, thereby rejuvenating the skin. This explanation sounds somewhat esoteric, but nevertheless it seems to work. The proof of Tian Yong’s system is in her own appearance.

Please check back soon for further articles on how to stimulate acu-points for skin rejuvenation.

Source by Brian N. Cox

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