Are There Some Men That Only Conceive Boy Babies?

Are There Some Men That Only Conceive Boy Babies?

I sometimes hear from people who are convinced that they man with whom they want to make a baby can only produce boys. Typically, they already have several boys and have been unable to conceive a girl. Or, the man has produced children before in another relationship and has only gotten sons. I heard from a woman who said: “my husband and I have only been married for a couple of years. This is the second marriage for both of us. My husband has four other children from previous relationships. All four have been boys. And my husband’s father only produced sons as well. I’ve never been pregnant before but I want to become pregnant now. And I very much want a girl baby. I so want a daughter to share girlie or female things with. But I’m afraid that my husband is only capable of producing boys. Is this a lost cause? Are there some men who just aren’t capable of producing girls?”

What Testing Has Shown Us: I have to disclose that different people have differing opinions on this. Some people will insist that there are some men who only produce Y or boy producing sperm and that these same men are unable to produce any X or girl sperm. I happen to disagree with this because I tend to believe the more recent research on this topic. Before we had the technology to test for the presence of Y and X sperm, people used to look at sperm under a microscope which made it very difficult to determine one gender over another. Today though, we have a method of testing called fluorescent in situ hybridization or FISH for short. There have been a lot of studies which use this method to look at ratios of Y to X sperm in men and you know what they’ve found? That men have equal amounts of girl and boy producing sperm. This is true even of men who seem to produce all girls and all boys. Even when the researchers were actually expecting to see more of one type of sperm (since the man who was being tested had either only boys or only girls,) they still found equal ratios of both X and Y.

If Men Have Equal Amounts Of Y and X Sperm, Why Do Some Men Keep Producing Boys Over And Over?: There is no question whatsoever that science has shown us that healthy men with no reproductive abnormalities produce both boy and girl producing sperm in mostly equal amounts. The evidence for this is extremely difficult to dispute. But even with all of this evidence, some people are unconvinced because there is so arguing with the fact that the man in question has only fathered boys. Here is something to consider. Since the sperm contains equal numbers of both girl and boy producing sperm, you’re going to have a 50 / 50 chance of getting a boy each and every time. And this doesn’t matter if you’ve already had one boy or 10. The odds don’t change because of your previous conceptions attempts. They are always about equal.

Now, there are some variables that influence your baby’s gender, but often, they relate to the woman instead of to the man. For example, a woman’s PH, the timing of conception as it relates to her ovulation, the sexual positions used, and whether the woman has an orgasm or not can all affect baby gender. (By the way, the woman having an orgasm makes a boy baby more likely, so maybe that is coming into play here.) So it could be that the women in this particular man’s life had some of these variables that was also affecting which gender he kept producing.

I firmly believe that even if this woman’s husband had been producing nothing but boys, there was no harm in trying to have a girl. In order to do so, she would need to make sure her PH was alkaline. She would need to conceive after ovulation. And she would want to avoid orgasm with the correct sexual positions.

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