Fastest Diet to Lose Weight – Fast Results For Weight Loss

Fastest Diet to Lose Weight – Fast Results For Weight Loss

So I was recently noticing a trend of diets that were geared towards eating bananas or a rare superfood all claiming incredible weight loss results and I started to realize, why do not people just calorie shift. If you're not familiar with calorie shifting it is the fastest diet to lose weight and keep it off. It provides fast results for weight loss and it does not even feel like work.

So what's involved?

Essentially what you do is eat to burn fat. "That's It?" OK well not quite, your eat varying types of calories from day to day. So one day you might have more focus on fats the next is more onto carbs with whole grains, the next is high protein. It is this constant changing that prevents your body from adapting to the diet and as a result dropping down your metabolism. You see your body is constantly seeking out balance in all things, especially when it comes to your metabolism it tries to keep things balanced. This does not always mean its in your favor however, and if your body prefers keeping a low metabolic rate then calorie shifting is ideal for you because it will stimulate your metabolism so it peaks and stays there. Best of all your metabolism is "taught" to react positively to the foods you consume by increasing its action in the body. So you burn more fat from eating as a result.

It's the fastest diet to lose weight … permanently!

You see with calorie shifting there is no counting calories at all times and no memorization of what you need to eat next. This has all been planned out for you with calorie shifting software that is available to help you know exactly what to eat at any time while on the diet. On top of all this as I mentioned earlier you actually keep all the weight off that you burn on this diet because your metabolism is still stimulated even after you stop the diet. So its been known that people continue burning fat because of this for weeks following the diet.

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