Mercury Free Fish Oils – The Safer Supplement?

Mercury Free Fish Oils – The Safer Supplement?

As you will probably have heard, if you are going to purchase a fish oil supplement, you better make it mercury free. Why? Well simply because ingesting mercury into the body can have serious effects on the state of your health. Definitely not the result that you want or deserve from electing to take a fish oil supplement. You must not consent to buy a fish oil that has not been molecularly distilled. This process separates the impurities, such as mercury and lead, from the pure good fish oil.

If you have not bought mercury free fish oils, then you could experience mercury poisoning. Symptoms include; short term memory loss, loss of self control, headaches, vertigo, shaking, and other psychological and neurological disturbances.

The state of pollution that plagues the worlds oceans, leaves us with the unfortunate problem that we can no longer consume the fish that we once ate two or three times a week, as freely as we might like.

This is because the plague of pollution has steadily made its way into our food supply, and has now made it unsafe to include regular helpings of fish in our diets. That or risk experiencing the vast number of symptoms listed above.

Therefore, mercury free fish oils are the only safe way to go. You will get the health benefits that come with consuming enough omega3, without the added risk of mercury poisoning.

These come already purified, and in easy to swallow gel filled caplets, allowing you to get your omega3 risk free.

Always check your brands procedures on where they get and how they store their fish, its better to be safe than sorry. Also, you would do well to have a check on your brands health philosophy, to make sure they have your best interests at heart. After all, you wouldn’t buy shampoo at McDonalds.

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