New Product Promises Fried Fish Flavor Without the Fat

New Product Promises Fried Fish Flavor Without the Fat

When you receive the Seal you will begin to notice what you eat, and you will want to eat healthy foods. Fish is good for you but not so good when fried. Now a food scientist has created a way to fry fish with a lot less fat.

Fish is better for you than most other kinds of meats, including chicken. While chicken is low in fat, some kinds of fish are high in good kinds of fat that your body needs –Omega 3 essential fatty acids.

But you might like the taste of fried food, including fried fish. If so, you are greatly negating the health benefits of eating fish by frying it, because that loads it down with the bad fats fish is known for not having.

This food scientist has created a new kind of batter for the fish that is high in protein and made from the flesh of the fish that is typically discarded during processing.

This batter locks in the flavor of the fish and the moisture too. At the same time it locks out the fat from the oil the fish is fried in. The batter forms a barrier between the oil and the fish.

So your fish will taste even better than some other fried fish, as though it were a more expensive kind of fish or prepared better. And it will be more juicy than other fried fish.

It will taste better and be juicier, and at the same time it will have less fat. It will also have less carbohydrates due to the impenetrable "film" the batter groups when it coats the fish.

The protein molecules from the fish flesh are "treated" and "extracted" and they form a very thin film that is then sprayed on the surface of the fish to be fried. The film is invisible and impenetrable, little gets in and little gets out.

The result of the healthier fish fry? One-quarter to three-quarters less fat than a regular fish fry. And it has less carbs than the regular fish fry – 15 percent less according to the food scientist.

This new technique has passed the mster of the FDA and has been used for other foods like chicken. Chicken is low in bad fats like fish, but when you fry chicken the bad fats from the oil gets into the chicken. But not with this new technique.

Fish with white flesh is considered to be the animal source of protein lower than any other in bad fats, the Omega-6 fatty acids. Red meat is high in Omega-6 fatty acids, as is most vegetable oil.

Deep-sea fish with dark flesh is the kind high in Omega-3 fatty acids, the fats that are good for you and actually considered essential to the health of your body. These are fish like salmon, sardines, and mackerel.

You may have heard that industrial pollution has caused fish to contain contaminants like mercury. This is true but is not a reason to avoid eating enough fish in your diet.

The health benefits of eating fish outweigh the risks of poisoning by mercury or another heavy metal. And the health benefits are especially needed by infants and those in the womb for their development.

When you are sealed you will want to eat better. One thing you can do is eat more fish, but if you like to fry it, this new solution will soon be available for you from Proteus Industries in Gloucester MA.

When you are sealed God will change the way you think about food. He will give you the power to change your diet and your eating habits even if it takes you years to accomplish. You will accomplish it when you receive the Seal.

Source by Jason Witt

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